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Picket Fencing in Altrincham

There are few things as warm and inviting as white picket fencing in Altrincham, distinguished by their quaint looking, picket’s and evenly space vertical boards. A picket fence is seen by most people as a symbol of the idyllic, suburban life and a peaceful lifestyle. This originates from the fact that homes in tranquil, suburban neighborhoods in the UK usually have a garden which they enclose with picket fencing.

Attractive and Functional Picket Fencing

A properly built and installed picket fence can add a beautiful touch to a home’s landscaping, outline property lines and they are an attractive way to contain children and pets without blocking views in both front and back gardens. Picket fencing in Altrincham will blend into any gardens or properties, protecting features that include swimming pools and ponds, without making you feel closed off. Classic picket fences never go out of style and to add a more vibrant touch you will find they are available in any color, and are a wonderful way to add a quaint cottage feel to any home or garden. Installing a picket fence is a cheap way to improve your home’s curb appeal and you can take that appeal even further by adding an attractive gate or an arbor, accented with living vines.

A Wide Range of Styles and Designs

If you are contemplating having a picket fence installed, you’ll want to consider the different designs and styles that are available. Additional options like the spacing between the pickets and the height and overall shape of the pickets also need to be considered. Picket fences have traditionally been made of wood but due to the regular painting that’s required to keep the boards looking their best, combined with the need to replace them from time to time due to weathering, plastic picket fences have been increasing in popularity (as are metal). Plastic is commonly available in white, and consequently doesn’t need any painting. Most quality plastic fencing comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and doesn’t rot or need replacing like wooden options

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