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At Altrincham Fencing Services, our highly experienced team provide a wide range of fencing installation and repair services. Our services include:

Fence Repairs

In the event that your fence is damaged in high winds, your home or business security be compromised. It may not always be necessary to completely replace a fence, especially given the cost of such an exercise. Fence repairs are a fraction of the price of a complete new fence, much less inconvenient and less damaging to the surrounding shrubbery.

Garden Fencing

If you would like assistance or support designing your tranquil outdoor sanctuary, our garden fencing team will be happy to supply you with a wealth of sensible yet innovative tips and suggestions based on our 25 years of expertise and experience. The one thing you will not want to do is end up hiring a company or handyman who lacks in competency or reputation, and there’s no reason to; our prices are reasonable, our services outstanding and the standard of the fencing is exceptional.

Picket Fencing

There are few things as warm and inviting as white picket fencing in Altrincham, distinguished by their quaint looking, picket’s and evenly space vertical boards. A picket fence is seen by most people as a symbol of the idyllic, suburban life and a peaceful lifestyle. This originates from the fact that homes in tranquil, suburban neighborhoods in the UK usually have a garden which they enclose with picket fencing.